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Flexco Alligator Ready Set Staple Belt Fastener RS125J24 - Box of 8

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Part Number:2987-2
For Minimum Belt Thickness
1/8 in
For Maximum Belt Thickness
3/16 in
For Minimum Pulley Diameter
3 in
Lacing Length
24 in
Lacing Material
Lacing Number
Lacing Type
Staple-Style Alligator
Maximum Working Tension
160 piw
Includes Connecting Pins
Package Quantity
 1 pair
Country of Origin
USA (subject to change)
Product Description

Alligator staple conveyor belt lacing provides a strong connection that prevents flexing and splice fatigue at the joint. This lacing consists of conjoined plates that are fastened to the ends of a conveyor belt with staples. The plates are wider and provide more surface area than hammer-on alligator lacing and clipper wire-hook lacing for increased abrasion resistance. The staples are pre-inserted in the lacing to maximize efficiency when installing the lacing. Alligator staple lacing requires special tools to install. It is commonly used to make a new conveyor belt or repair an existing belt on powered conveyors in packaging, agricultural, recycling, and scrap handling applications. These mechanical fasteners connect the ends of the belt and allow the belt to be installed on the conveyor without having to disassemble the conveyor system, which minimizes downtime for the conveyor.

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