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BF 8/9 9/32 Regular Blue Tip Per Box Of 100

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Simonds BF Style Blue Tip® Saw Bits can be used with either F Style or B Style saws.   Style B and Style F bits and shanks are a "double circle" design. This design results broader bearing surface behind the bit providing extra support and helping prevent shoulder breakage.

Regular, Long and Edger types can be used with either Regular Style or Super Style shanks.  Standall Type bits have a built in Chip Breaker and should not be used with Super Style Shanks.

Blue Tip® bits have been the quality standard for generations of sawyers.  Blue Tip bits are hot forged from carbon steel to hold a sharp edge, yet can be radially touched up or sharpened with a hand file or grinder.  The Blue Tip, a result of a special tempering, is a mark of extra toughness

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