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73LPX084G Oregon Full Chisel Double Raker Chainsaw Chain 3/8" 84DL .058 Gauge

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The ideal chain for high-production cutting of clean wood. 73LPX084G
  • ORE LOOP 3/8 P .058 GA 84G
  • ""X" grind - Enhanced grind geometry significantly improves out-of-box sharpness with substantial speed improvement in boring and bias (undercut) modes
  • Blued cutters provide superior corrosion resistance
  • Tumbled parts, improved joint articulation, reduces friction and stretch
  • Offset depth gauges reduce roughness, helps prevent cutter from diving into the sidewall of the cut
  • LubriLink™ tie straps help keep oil where it's needed - on the chain
  • Top-plate witness mark makes accurate sharpening easier
  • Patented Chain Steel - OREGON OCS-01 steel is patented and provides greater durability, especially in cold cutting conditions.
  • Vibe-Ban™ chassis design reduces vibration 25% or more at the handles
  • Standard Sequence:

    3/8" pitch, .058" gauge;
  • Cutting Bar Length: 24"
  • Pitch (Not Required): 3/8
  • Gauge (Not Required): .058
  • Number of Drive Links: 84

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