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300N - 3 line Lumber Ruler with Go No Go head - 1" x 36"

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Conway Cleveland
#300N - 3 line Lumber Ruler with Go No Go head - 1" x 36"
Conway Cleveland Lumber Rules.  Lumber scaling rules are used to measure the board feet content of sawn lumber.  They are the product of many years of experience and through constant improvement, have come to be preferred by nearly all lumber inspectors.  With flexible shafts still hand-crafted from the finest split hickory money can buy, these rules have a special quality due in large part to the meticulous care taken in the selection of raw materials.  The patented heads are one-piece, light-weight hardened stainless steel with pre-bent sharpened points for grabbing the lumber.  They will never rust and the points stay sharp for a very long time.  The figures are large, crisp, bold, and black for ease of reading.  Each ruler has a six inch walnut handle, sized for comfort and rounded to fit the palm of your hand.  Each rule is protected by two coats of polyurethane, giving lasting abrasion resistance and protection.

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