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2 1/4" Replacement Clasp USA Made Dixie Ind.

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Part Number:322
Handles are top quality White Mountain Hickory hardwood air dried to 18% moisture content.
  • Precision cut to an exact fit.
  • Duckbill Hooks are drop forged with the bills ground to a fine point.
  • Clasps and extension toe rings are ductile iron castings for long lasting service.
  • FINISHES: Heads are painted, handles have a clear lacquer finish.
  • PACKAGING: One in a carton
  • Replacement parts availabe including handles, duckbill hooks, extension toe rings, and clasps.
    Improper use or care of cant hook can result in bodily injury or property damage. To avoid injury or damage, always observe the following:
    • Prior to use, carefully inspect this product for wear or deformation. If detected, do not use product.
    • Not to be used as a wedge or pry bar
    • Load must be applied in direction of handle brand mark
    • Flexing handle in a perpendicular direction of grain may cause handle fracture and result in personal injury
    • Free swinging hook may cause injury - keep hands away from pinch points

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