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Part Number:2397
Harvester Chain Specifications
Pitch 3/4" (.750")
Gauge .122" (3.1mm)
57 Drive Links 
Sequence Standard
Cutter Type Semi-Chipper

Warning! There is risk of serious injury or death to machine operators and bystanders from "Chain Shot," which is the high speed ejection of chain parts that can occur in the event a chain breaks while the machine is cutting. 

Manufacturer ModelGuide Bar LengthPitchDrive Sprocket Tooth CountGaugeD.L. CountGUIDE BARS      (SNC, ATV)SPECIALITY GUIDE BARS (DEA, DEB, DEC) (UEA, UEB, UED)DRIVE SPROCKET
CATERPILLARPrentice PD 57 36"3/490.12257341SNCT043   
CATERPILLARPrentice PD 57 45 CM404 0.08057361SNTT043   
DC 36"3/490.12257361SNCT043   
E-LIMB-N-ATOR 36"3/490.12257361SNCT043   
ERI 36"3/490.12257361SNCT043   
FABTEKTop Saws for FT-180, FT240 45 CM404110.08057  ORC11404
FABTEKFT-240, Series 200036"3/490.12257361SNCT043   
FABTEKFT-240, SERIES 2000 ( W/ HIGH SPEED Saw BOTTOM )36"3/490.12257361SNCT043   
FORETC 36"3/490.12257361SNCT043   
HAHNHPL 220/C36"3/490.12257361SNCT043   
HAHNHSG 110B36"3/490.12257361SNCT043   
HAHNHSW 110/C36"3/490.12257361SNCT043   
HAHNHTL 250GT36"3/490.12257361SNCT043   
HAHNHTL 300/F36"3/490.12257361SNCT043   
HULTDINSSC10045 CM404120.08057   
HULTDINSSC10045 CM404110.08057   
HYTECRS 600036"3/490.12257361SNCT043   
PRENTICEPD 5736"3/490.12257361SNCT043   
SATCO223 36"3/490.12257361SNCT222   
SATCO22" Debarker36"3/490.12257361SNCT222   
SATCO223T 36"3/490.12257   
SATCOSAT420 - Felling Grapple (Directional Felling Head)36"3/490.12257361SNCT222   
SILVER STREAK60L36"3/490.12257361SNCT043   
SOUTHSTAR TS585 36"3/4100.12257361NSCT146   
TIMBCO (ROSIN) 24" Saw Head36"3/490.12257361SNCT043   
TIMBCO (ROSIN) 28" Saw Head36"3/490.12257361SNCT043   
TIMBCO (ROSIN) 33" Saw Head36"3/490.12257361SNCT043   
WARATAH HTH2436"3/490.12257361SNCT146   
WARATAH HTH62436"3/4100.12257361SNCT146   
WARATAH HTH62436"3/4100.12257361SNCT146   

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